Wow, really sexy. Is that your private yacht, Joey?

Wow, really sexy. Is that your private yacht, Joey?


What Is this?

Affirmations are powerful mantras that you say to achieve things in life. I write daily affirmations (except for the weekend) to inspire you to become rich, powerful, and sexy. Sign up to my mailing list to receive these affirmations every day in your inbox!

Every day?

Okay, not every day. Not the weekends and some major holidays.

So, not really daily, huh?


Are you for real?

Okay, so my affirmations aren't completely serious. They are a little funny, a little silly, and maybe a little inspirational. 

Who Are You?

I'm Joey.

No, really who are you?

I am a writer who lives in Brooklyn. I began my daily affirmations as a way to motivate myself, get out of debt, become more productive, and change my life. 

What’s in it for me?

Happiness. Laughter. Riches. Power.

What are people saying? I need social proof before I sign up.

"I love these affirmations. Seriously. Love, love, love."
- Famous Person

"I love these. Although I wish to remain anonymous I am a huge fan and would do anything for Joey."
- Anonymous

"Pretty good."
- Bernado O'Higgins, cat

Why should I care?

29 people are on my mailing list. So yeah, obviously it's popular. Do you want to be left out?

How do I connect?

I am on Medium, Twitter, and Facebook.