I inspire myself to make changes in my life. It's easy to start out all eager when developing new habits but to persevere is a challenge. To be consistent in those changes, to manage the drudgery of the everyday, that's the hard part. Which is why I inspire myself. I say, I got this. I'm the boss. I'm the el capitan. I'm the man. I change. I transform. I change into a beautiful butterfly. Yes, I do. I was a caterpillar, and I ate all the time, and now it may look like nothing is going on but inside cells are growing rapidly. I'm in my pupal stage. I'm developing legs, wings, eyes. Soon I will break out my colorful wings and fly to lay eggs and mate. Watch out, world, here I come. I'll have two weeks to make it big. Two weeks to live it up. Two weeks to party. I lost track of things in this metaphor, but the point is, inspiration!