I believe in the goodness of people. Sure, people can be shit, they do terrible things. But sometimes they redeem themselves. Like the other day when I was walking outside and dropped my wallet. I didn't realize it and someone said, Hey, you dropped your wallet, here it is. Thanks, I said, you're a good person. How about a twenty? he said. What? I said. How about you give me a twenty for giving you your wallet? he said. Why would I do that? I said.  Because you would have lost your wallet, he said. I don't have any cash, I said. Buy me a bagel or something, he said. We went into the bagel store. We ordered two bagels. You pay over there, the man said. I have to go to the bathroom, I said. I'll be right back. I planned to slip out the back. There's a crazy man chasing me, I told the guy in the back of the store. I need to escape. He let me out the back and gave me a pat on the butt when I passed by. What a sweet guy. Not everyone is terrible.