Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

I adapt. The seasons change and I must accept those changes and change with them. Not only in nature but in my interior life as well. My soul has seasons too: summer, fall, winter, and spring, sometimes all on the same day. Sometimes there is a blizzard; later that day a heatwave. I need to apply sunscreen on my soul to keep it from burning. I need to wrap my soul in warm blankets on other days. An umbrella in the springtime of my soul is often needed. My soul has weathered many seasons. My soul has adapted. My soul has L.L. Bean Boots. My soul has a parka suitable for arctic conditions. My soul a super cute two piece bathing suit. Don't even try to tell my soul that it doesn't look good in it. My soul rocks it. Just like it rocks a summer dress and a fall sweater. Go ahead, seasons, change. I'm ready.