I am open to new and exciting experiences. I like experiences. I like adventure. I like doing things differently. Like today instead of taking the subway to work I climbed into bed and pulled the covers over my head. Will you please call work and tell them that I can't make it in? I say to my girlfriend. I'm going to just hang out with the cat under the covers. What should I tell them? she says. Tell them that I got locked in the bathroom, I say, and you can't open it. Tell them that I metamorphosed into a bunny and the cat is chasing me around the house. Tell them that I went out to shovel snow but was buried by a plow. Are you writing this down? Tell them that I love adventures, I love new experiences, and I'm going to go on an adventure right now. A great big adventure. Right here. Right now. Tell them that, please. Thank you, bye.