I am persistent. I keep going. Even when the road ahead is rough. Or, even worse, when the road is clear and I just want to stop for a nice lemonade that someone is selling on the side of the road. I'll just stop for a lemonade and take a break. It will only take two minutes, tops. But no, the proprietor of the lemonade stand tries to lead me off the path with a promise of sweets back at his place. Sweets, you say. What kind of sweets? Chocolates, pain au chocolates, tarte au citrons, éclairs, he says. Mmm, those sound good. Okay, I'll come for one eclair, but that's it. We go to his shack up the road. One thing leads to another, and soon we're watching The Great British Baking Show and hours go by. Hours. That's why it's important to stay focused, to keep going, to not stop at that lemonade stand. Trust me. Keep going.