I Use Powerful Arm Movements

I keep my resolutions. I stay with them. I maintain them, even when I don't feel like it. I keep on keeping on. And then I keep on after that. And then I keep on keeping on keeping on. Yes, that's how intense I am, how focused, how dedicated. I'll keep on saying "keep" in all its variations for as long as I have to. Like when I walk up a hill. The hill is just a hill but also a metaphor for all my resolutions and goals. I don't stop. I use powerful arm movements to help me go up this hill. I keep on going up this hill until I reach the top. I raise my arms and shout, I am the victor! Did you see how I just briskly walked up that hill? I keep shouting. Did you see? It was incredible. I just power walked up that hill. It's amazing what the power of keeping your resolutions will do.