Little Things

I celebrate the small details of every day. That glass of water. Oh, it's so delicious. A smile. That smile is lovely. Rain drops. The sound of rain drops are so calming. It's less calming when you're in the middle of the rainstorm and your shoes and socks are getting wet. I hate when that happens, when my socks get wet and soggy. I hate that feeling. I'll just wait here under this awning until the storm passes. Doesn't look like it's passing. Okay, I'll go into this bar for a quick drink. I'll just email my boss to say I'll be late. Rain is still going. I'll just take off my shoes and dry my socks and stay for a while. This rain will not let up. I'll just order a bottle of wine and lunch and take a lovely little nap. It's important to appreciate the little things, I tell the waiter. It's really important.