I Matter. That Man Matters. That Woman Matters. That Horse Matters.

I matter. When I feel like like I don't, when I feel like nothing matters, when I feel like what's the point, I say to myself very sternly, I matter. I matter very much. Human beings matter. The cat matters. The fish matters. Everyone matters. That man matters. That woman matters. That horse matters. Yes, there is a horse walking down the street in Brooklyn. Not sure where he's going and where he lives, but he's walking down the street. Hi, horsey, you matter, don't you? He neighs in acknowledgement. Yes, I matter, he says. Of course I matter. Don't you see how lovely my mane is? And how noble I look? Okay, I get it, I say. You're beautiful. I know, he says. But you matter too. And I like your hair. Thanks, horsey! I say. Bye!