Wonderful things happen every day. Great things. Superb things. Awesome things. Marvelous things. Glorious and delightful things. Like I was walking down the street and a man said to me, I hope you have a wonderful day. Then he handed me a twenty dollar bill. Now, I have no idea why that happened. But it happened. It's pretty cool. And afterwards a woman came up to me and said, God bless you. She didn't hand me any money but still it was a nice sentiment. I was walking along after that, very cheerily, when a man came up to me and said, There's something about you, sir, something very special about you. Thanks, I said. Don't mention it, he said. I walked on, and he followed me. You are special, sir, very special! Thanks, I said. I walked faster, and he kept up. Very special indeed, he said. Very special. Thanks, really thank you, I said. I was trotting now. I reached the subway entrance and went down. So very special, he yelled as I disappeared underground. So very special.